ProPreneurs’ Blog is the online community of ProPreneurs World where information is given to partners, prospects and inquisitive means about ProPreneurs. News updates, compensation plans and other vital information would be posted on this blog.

Propreneurs Limited is a human capacity and entrepreneurship development company fully registered with the corporate affairs commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC NO: 1465101.

Her vision is to raise healthy, successful and professional entrepreneurs and inspiring them to become more. At Propreneurs, we offer quality healthcare delivery services and professional entrepreneurship development programmes designed to inspire and equip our affiliate members to become Professional Entrepreneurs. It is our belief that people don’t buy products and services. They buy Satisfaction; they buy Relationship, experience and values. At Propreneurs Limited, we have all these to our credit. Developing entrepreneurs, inspiring people and empowering them to become more are our passion.

We are dedicated to teaching our affiliates the A to Z of entrepreneurship. In practical terms, we show you how to generate business ideas, how to start and grow your business, how to raise funds for business expansion, how to sustain it and become successful. We will hold you by the hands and lead you through the journey of entrepreneurship in a very exciting manner that guarantees unlimited success.

Our experience over the years in entrepreneurship and personal development has provided us with in-depth knowledge in capacity building, people empowerment and wealth creation. We are aware that our innovative product and services directly impact people’s lives, their wellbeing, lifestyle and ultimately their finances and productivity. We crave to develop professionals, and solution providers, who can create job for others and help to solve the problem of unemployment in our society. We are here for you and you alone!

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